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People Disclose What Genuinely Offends Them

People Disclose What Genuinely Offends Them

What people find offensive can vary greatly from person to person and one culture to another. Morality can be pretty different between different religions and cultures, and the same holds true for what is considered truly insulting or offensive.

Reddit user u/3choplex asked:

"What genuinely offends you?"



Being interrupted, being talked down upon, being seen as "inferior". I wouldn't use the word "offend" necessarily, but it fits. lucifersbestfriend


When people respond to facts with "That's just your opinion." TheLiberalOgre

Well thats like... your opinion man. MJC088



People who chew with their mouths open. djauralsects

Two dads

I think the most offensive idea/thing I was ever told was that because I have two dads and am not straight (not gay either, but not straight), that they must have messed me up.

That's like... next level homophobia.

That and racism/antisemitism. And people who hate on disabled folks. Like I don't get that crap. My aunt is in a wheelchair and she literally got yelled at in public once for being a "drain on society" cause she asked some dude to get her some cereal off the top shelf. I don't get that crap? Just... be nice to people, damn. raleighwh2001


People who don't know the difference between their and there. lildevilgirl89



People who bend and manipulate words in fallacious ways, especially to support their invalid or malicious points.CreepySCD


Older people thinking they're always right and automatically discounting new ideas just because they have "more experience."

I understand that wisdom often comes with age, and I grant that life experience is helpful in many situations. But some people just stay stupid, no matter how much experience they've had. Reddit


Honestly, not a whole lot offends me personally.

Go after a friend or family member though, and I'll be there like an angry Roadrunner. Meep meep, moron.MagicalMonarchOfMo



Being told to do something I'm already doing. It's like "gee thanks for the advice but if you can be bothered to look at me you'd know it's unnecessary." GPAD9

Hate symbols

People who turn innocent memes such as Pepe and the ok symbol into hate symbols. Same goes for those who call innocent people out for using these symbols when they aren't even spreading hate. Seriously, why do people have to ruin memes?! EliteShadowElite


People who take their frustrations out on retail or food service workers.




Being talked to in a condescending manner.


Especially by someone who has no f*cking clue what they're talking about. lol



People making fun of others with acne. I'm 27 and still get it from time to time.


I only saw this woman once but she had the audacity to ask me what was wrong with my face when I was 1) 15 years old and 2) that was the first thing she said to me and has since remained as That C*nt in my mind.



Prideful ignorance.


"i dOnT rEaD bOoKs, aNd i hAvEnT sInCe i wAs iN sChOoOL" /s




People who abuse animals.



People who conflate facts with opinions. That vaccination works is not "just your opinion."


Oh this is one of my biggest pet peeves. I state clear facts and someone responds with " i disagree" .


Wrong name

When people know your name but go out of their way to call you by the wrong name. Girl in my Spanish class called me Evan all the time, my name is not Evan, not even f*cking close to Evan. Her excuse was that I looked like one so I said "Well you look like a b*tch but I still call you Morgan." She never got my name wrong after that.




Strangers commenting on someone's mental well being when they have no clue as to the person - who they are, what they are about etc. It's one of the few times I struggle to bite my tongue and sometimes not successfully.


My coworker declares people as Liberals, virtue signalers, etc based on next to nothing, like the brand of car they drive.



Someone telling me to smile. Like wtf? Who walks around smiling all the time? Also, if I'm not smiling at you, take a hint.


Even when i see this in a movie I physically cringe. I can't imagine this ever being used as flattery LOL its legit just creepy IMO



People pushing their religious beliefs on someone by accusing a stranger of being an evil person.


"You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother's eye."

Matthew 7:5

The first step in inviting someone into a Religious relationship is to love them and listen to their story, which is the opposite of "turn or burn" evangelism. For every 1 person that sees those picket signs and thinks "maybe I should be a better person", there are 100 that look at it and think "take the plank out of your own ass first you idiot". Completely counterintuitive.