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Wellness Influencer Dragged After Claiming Nobody Actually 'Needs' Glasses

Self-described 'holistic master coach' Samantha Lotus faced instant backlash over her groanworthy claim that poor vision is actually due to 'spiritual' reasons.

Screenshots from Samantha Lotus's Instagram video

Who knew that in 2023 glasses-shaming would become a thing? Probably nobody, but here we are.

A Canadian wellness influencer named Samantha Lotus is being raked over the coals for falsely claiming that glasses are not required to correct poor vision, and that optometrists have been lying when they say otherwise.

In an Instagram video that was shared on X (formerly Twitter), Lotus, who calls herself a “holistic master coach,” claimed:

"There are mental, emotional, physical, and even spiritual reasons why you may not be seeing and I'm here to tell you that that can be healed."

You can watch a clip here.

In the description accompanying her post, Lotus said:

"I personally have reversed my 'need for glasses' and helped others do it too."
"It starts with a possibility, followed by a decision, integrated with aligned action."
"I'm teaching an $11 master class this week called VISIO and it is going to blow your mind."

You don't say.

People on social media saw her scam clearly and mocked her with sarcasm.

In a post on Friday, Lotus claimed 338 people signed up for her online master class.

She wrote in the caption:

“If you’re closed minded and want to stay a victim, this is NOT FOR YOU."

In a follow-up video, the science denier addressed those who called her out for her "quackery" and said her video healing practices were fake.

The anti-glasses influencer became aggressive with her pitch and shamed bespectacled viewers who were hesitant about coming on board with her so-called treatment plan.

"You can choose to stay blind," she asserted passive-aggressively. "That's great."

"But I have done this on myself. I have worked with my clients. I have worked with family members," said Lotus, missing a prime opportunity to insert credible testimonials to validate her healing strategy.

"I have seen people take off their glasses and not need them anymore and over and over and over again."

She further ranted in the video:

"Some people live with their eyes and their mind completely glued shut, and that's okay. That's their thing. Yet, it's not the truth."

People appreciated neither her approach nor her ableism.

Although her website does not mention any medical credentials, she said she adopts “Lifestyle Alchemy, Holistic Health, Positive Psychology, Quantum Physics, Spirituality and Heart-led Entrepreneurship.”

A spokesperson for the American Academy of Ophthalmology told The Daily Beast that there were limited options for healing presbyopia, or farsightedness.

Said the AAO spokesperson.

“The only way to correct it is corrective lenses (reading glasses or contact lenses), surgery, or medicated prescription eye drops."

They added that there is “no scientific evidence” to support alternative practices such as “eye yoga,” exercises that some claimed could help presbyopia.

Lotus responded to the backlash through an email to the media outlet, saying:

“I understand that people are skeptical and worried about grifters and uneducated ‘influencer’ scammers online."

She further claimed to have studied psychology, sociology, and naturopathic medicine as well as “extensive training in anatomy, physiology, biology, pathology of disease and iridology.”

According to the outlet, Lotus described the aim of her class was "self-healing," which encouraged clients to avoid blue light, cut back on screentime, do specific eye and neck exercises, and incorporate specific nutrients in their diet.

In spite of all the hate mail she's received online, she is able to ignore the noise.

“Their negative energy does not affect me," Lotus said.