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Watch these dogs enjoy a swim at Saltdean Lido before it closes for the year

Gareth Fuller/PA

Dogs in Brighton were given a grand day out when the resort's Saltdean Lido opened its doors to pooches for one day only.

With the season over at the listed Art Deco venue, pooches were invited to splash around before they closed for the year, and boy did they take advantage.

This was the second annual dog swim day at the lido, the one day of the year these mutts get to have the place to themselves.

(Gareth Fuller/PA)

Although as this image proves, it wasn't all plain sailing for the dogs, some of whom struggled to remove themselves from the pool's clutches.

(Gareth Fuller/PA)

A dog struggles to get out of the pool at Saltdean Lido in Brighton, during the annual dog swim to mark the end of the season at the lido
(Gareth Fuller/PA)

Until next year doggos, it's back to dry land with you.