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'The Walking Dead' Shuts Down Homophobic Backlash To Show's Gay Storyline With Powerful Post

'The Walking Dead' Shuts Down Homophobic Backlash To Show's Gay Storyline With Powerful Post

Zombie thriller franchiseThe Walking Dead just clapped back at homophobic internet trolls in a concise but oh-so-satisfying tweet.

The show's non-negotiable commitment to showcasing LGBTQ+ characters and relationships has already won praise in the past. The recent tweet only solidified the franchise's solid footing as an ally.

The homophobic hullabaloo all began when actor Jelani Alladin appeared on the podcast Talk Dead to Me.

He discussed how proud he was to play his character in the show who—among many heroic attributes—just so happens to be one half of a same-sex couple.

"There was no kind of need to explain anything further and I love that The Walking Dead is kind of putting that forward, that LGBTQ relationships are nothing different than any other kind of relationship."
"They have the same struggles, they have the same complexities, they get mad at each other, they love each other just as hard."

The onscreen couple is made up of Alladin and fellow actor Nico Tortorella, who identifies as gender fluid.

But in response to Alladin's comments, Youtubers didn't hold back with their criticisms, which regularly veered into problematic territory.


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In response to all that toxicity, the official Twitter account of The Walking Dead posted exactly where it stood on the matter—and how the franchise felt about all their discomfort.

People on Twitter absolutely loved the show's firm stance.

Fans of the show who remain comfortable can rest assured no amount of raging internet intolerance will threaten the key elements of the show they love.