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Woman Goes On Racist Rant While On Vacation Dubbed 'Virgin Island Vicky'

Woman Goes On Racist Rant While On Vacation Dubbed 'Virgin Island Vicky'

A racist woman on vacation is about to learn that what happens in the Virgin Islands doesn't always stay in the Virgin Islands.

Author and film producer Tariq Nasheed received video of the woman, now dubbed "Virgin Island Vicky," and shared the footage of her on Twitter.

In the opening moments of the damning clip, she exclaims:

"Don't like [N-word]. President Trump, whoo! Obama? F*** you, motherf***** [N-word]."

Nasheed posted the video with the hope that someone would identify her and ensure this kind of behavior has consequences in the real world.

During her rant, the woman is approached by a man who tries to stop her from outing herself as a horrible person.

The man says:

"Vicky, be quiet."

The video then cuts to a boat, where Vicky is anything BUT quiet.

"You're recording it? Put it all over Facebook. F*** these motherf****** [N-word]. I hate them. I hate [N-word]. Hate them with a passion."

The man tries to silence Vicky once again, but the damage had been done.

A man who claimed to be present for the encounter said on Twitter that she was eventually escorted off the island by police.

The Virgin Islands Police Department has not commented on the incident, leaving Twitter users to try and track down "Vicky's" identity on their own.

They searched for her using the hashtags #VirginIslandVicky and #VacationingVicky.

Needless to say, the internet was absolutely disgusted by Vicky's bigoted rhetoric.

Many were hoping the footage found its way back to her real life.

Who could she be?

Perhaps, after seeing this video, President Trump will have a job for her, since it's unlikely she'll find one anywhere else.

Before long, Twitter did its thing and revealed "Vicky's" real name to be Mickey Tronson.

Though Tronson deleted her Facebook page to avoid the controversy she started, the man she traveled to the Virgin Islands with has left his up, and it includes many pictures of them together.

Spewing hate of this degree usually has consequences in the real world.

Such vile sentiments have no place in civilized society, whether a person is on vacation or not, and Mickey Tronson may learn that soon.