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Scary Video Captures Amusement Park Ride Full Of People Free Falling To Ground After Malfunction

Scary Video Captures Amusement Park Ride Full Of People Free Falling To Ground After Malfunction

Thrillseekers willingly strap themselves in for intimidating amusement park rides like inverted roller coasters or human slingshot experiences to get their adrenaline fix.

But these riders tend to forget they do so at their own risk, for there are no guarantees for their safety–even if they are harnessed in.

History has shown while mechanical malfunctions on rides are rare, freak accidents do happen.

A terrifying video showed the brake system on a drop tower-type ride at a fair in India did not function properly and sent riders plummeting nearly 50 feet to the ground.

You can watch the clip filmed and shared by journalist for Hindi-language broadcaster TV9 Nikhil Choudhary here.

The clip showed a flat, round platform of riders ascending and slowly rotating.

But instead of descending back down at a controlled speed, the entire ride platform did a free fall and crashed into the ground.

Social media users who were apprehensive about thrill rides made up their minds.

According to NDTV, the accident was due to a "technical issue" at 9:15 p.m. at a crowded fair at Dussehra ground in Punjab's Mohali.

The country's lax regulations on ride safety was not lost on users.

Choudhary told Insider "around 50 people" were on the 50-foot-tall ride and half of them were injured.

He estimated 16 women and children were hospitalized from their injuries.

There have been no reports of fatalities from the incident as of Sunday evening.

The Hindustan Times reported children as young as ten years old were being treated at a medical facility near the fair.

Choudhary noted the lack of ambulances on standby at the fairgrounds and the absence of emergency vehicles at the time of the accident.

But he did say ambulances arrived several minutes later.

Officials said the fair organizers had permission to run the event through September 4 but a board notifying of an extension to September 11 was "put up at the spot."

Deputy Superintendent of Police Harsimran Singh Bal stated:

"What we have come to know so far is that they had the permission to organise the show."
"However, no one would be spared if there is mistake committed on their part. Strict action will be taken according to the law."