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Some Full-Page 'Veep' Campaign-Style Ads Made It Into An Iowa Newspaper With No Mention That It's Actually A TV Show

Just as the actual 2020 elections are beginning to pick up steam, with candidates beginning to visit the early caucus states to make good impressions, VEEP, HBO's farcical look into the life of Vice President Selina Meyer, has begun its final season.

To help advertise the VP's last outing, in which she will be running for President once again, the show took out multiple full page ads in an Iowa newspaper.

Images of the ads, which never mention that they're for a TV show, were retweeted by Julia Louis-Dreyfus her self with a teasing caption:

VEEP fans couldn't get enough of the comic sans.

But, of course, the ads were filled with countless inside jokes and fun details.

Iowans were ready to start canvasing for President Meyer!

Others would need a little more convincing...

Even the gaffe-prone politicians on VEEP seem like an improvement when compared to...some other politicians.

It's time to throw your hat in the ring! Are you team Jonah or team Selina?

We won't know who takes the Oval Office until 2020...or the VEEP season finale. Whichever comes first.

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