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'Vampire Diaries' Stars Catch Fans Off Guard As Their Feud Over VP Debate Rapidly Escalates On Twitter

'Vampire Diaries' Stars Catch Fans Off Guard As Their Feud Over VP Debate Rapidly Escalates On Twitter
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With all the money, glitz, glamour, and constant exposure, it can be easy to forget that celebrities - even the ones we see every week on our favorite shows - are regular people.

At least its easy to forget until they start bickering about politics back and forth on social media like everyone's drunk uncle and we, the fans, are left standing around watching like



Vampire Diariesfans got an eyeful the night of the Vice Presidential debate. Stars Paul Wesley (who plays Stefan) and Matthew Davis (who took on the role of Alaric) both tuned in to watch Mike Pence and Kamala Harris discuss the issues. Davis, a long-time vocal Trump supporter, posted a now-deleted tweet that criticized the moderator for her behavior.

Davis believed moderator Susan Page was making it a point to interrupt Pence and not "let him finish his point."

Paul Wesley saw things a little differently. He responded to Davis's tweet by quipping:

"It would also be nice if Pence answered the question he was originally asked rather than deflect."

Things got personal from there. The two stars went back and forth a few times while fans watched (and took screenshots)

Davis: "Paul likes to vote for criminals and losers just like he did in 2016. Your opinion on the matter carries little weight as far as I am concerned. Next."
Wesley: "You're mistaken. I didn't vote for trump in 2016"

To get this next tweet, you need a bit of understanding about the show. So for you non-fans; Alaric is the character Davis plays. Alaric is a human vampire-hunter. Vervain is an herb which is used to weaken and kill vampires; especially potent when ingested.

That's really all you need to know to catch what goes down from here. So back to the show we go.

We return to Wesley, who decided to address the show's fans; as he knew they were watching the men spar back and forth.

Wesley: "Guys Alaric drank some vervain, he's losing it"
Davis: "Yawn"
The fans: "Ummm... Alaric is human so vervain wouldn't affect him."
Wesley: "Yea but that stuff is strongggg."

Things did eventually end cordially between the two men. Fans, of course, really wanted to talk about what in the world they just witnessed.

So yeah ... 2020, amirite?