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Utah Assistant AG Apologizes After Telling Gay Asian Candidate To 'Kindly Die And Go To Hell' In Hate Email

Utah Assistant AG Apologizes After Telling Gay Asian Candidate To 'Kindly Die And Go To Hell' In Hate Email
darinmano / Instagram

A prosecutor with Utah's Attorney General's office apologized for an outburst made to a local candidate while he was out campaigning.

Assistant AG Steven Wuthrich sent an email to City Council Member Darin Mano on Saturday. It ended with "kindly die and go to hell motherf***er!!!!"

The Utah government official's outburst was all because Mano accidentally woke Wuthrich up from a nap.

Mano shared Wuthrich's message on social media.

People responded to the message with shock over the language and support for Mano.

darinmano / Instagram

darinmano / Instagram

darinmano / Instagram

Mano was appointed to the Salt Lake City Council to finish out the remainder of Mayor Erin Mendenhall's term. Now he's running to officially represent District 5 and try to be the first officially elected gay council member.

On Saturday, June 12, Mano was on the campaign trail, knocking on doors and speaking with his constituents. He was also handing out leaflets about his platform.

He had stopped by Wuthrich's house to speak to someone at the address who is registered to vote. However, when no one answered, Mano left a leaflet through the door, which disturbed Wuthrich's dogs, which in turn woke up everyone else taking a nap.

This is what led to Wuthrich's hate-filled email.

After the email was shared online by Mano, Wuthrich issued a statement of apology.

He said:

"Last Saturday I was awakened from a nap and reacted with undue anger based solely on the interruption to my tranquility. Since then I have regretted the ferocity and language of that email."
"My words were uncivil and unprofessional. From me personally I apologize to Salt Lake City Councilman Darin Mano and his family. I never wished harm to Mr. Mano, his family or anyone associated with him. No parent, spouse or child should be subjected to such emotional outbursts. I am deeply sorry."

Mano said he appreciated the apology, especially since this is one less threat against him and his family.

The Utah Attorney General's office has not commented on whether it will take any action against Wuthrich.