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Choose-Your-Own-Adventure Thread Hilariously Determines How Long You'd Last As Beyoncé's Assistant

Jeff Kravitz / Contributor Getty Images, @joanneD2505/Twitter

Beyoncé fans have been given the chance to test their skills as Queen B's assistant in a viral Twitter thread.

The thread was made by 19-year-old Landon Rivera from Los Angeles, and it gives Twitter users different scenarios as they navigate their day with Beyoncé and try to avoid getting fired. Some fans are saying it's better than the "Bandersnatch" Black Mirror episode.

The first task is choosing breakfast for Beyoncé – pick the wrong one and her lawyers will be quick to send you packing.

You then spend the day choosing lighting for her photos, which activities she should do, and whether she'd prefer a motel or to share a room with the West family.

However, one wrong move and you could be fired — or worse, Beyoncé could end up kidnapped.

“I love how everything Beyoncé does is well thought out and she pays attention to everything from visual presence to sound presence," Landon said. “I made it as a joke for my fellow Beyoncé fan followers — which tripled. At first I didn't put too much thought into it, but it took probably around five to eight hours."

Since the thread went viral, Landon's follower count has doubled to 29,800.

Even celebrity Chrissy Teigen has also been playing along.

Her own assistant even managed to get fired on the first question.

The thread is testing how well you know your favorite Queen, and honestly it's really entertaining. Many fans are commenting on the options they would've chosen and how entertained they are by the idea of being the Queen's Hand, even if it is just for a day, or three minutes in my case.