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Twitch Gamer Sparks Outrage After Screaming At His Baby To 'Shut The F–k Up' During Livestream

Twitch Gamer Sparks Outrage After Screaming At His Baby To 'Shut The F–k Up' During Livestream

**WARNING: the following contains content and discussion involving childhood emotional abuse

A new online video captured the alarming moments when a man aggressively screamed in the face of a baby.

What made him so angry? His controller didn't work while he was playing the football video game Madden.

As the Daily Dot reported, the shocking incident occurred while the man was livestreaming himself on Twitch, an online streaming service often used by gamers to broadcast their play and commentary of popular video games.

As the video clip—which may be triggering for some viewers—showed, the man erupted after his controller malfunctioned. The clip began when he, with the baby sitting on his lap, slammed the controller on his desk before he launched into his tirade:

"God dammit! F'kin three hundred dollar f'kin controller. Yo, can I f'kin press pause?!"

The child in his lap began to cry.

The man then grew annoyed with the baby and set it down in the chair next to him.

"Just sit right here," he told the child. "I've got to go. I'm about to f'king lose it."

He then leaned in and screamed "Shut the f'k up!" in the baby's face just seconds later.

People who saw the video clip were outraged.



And as Daily Dot went on to report, when the clip began to circulate around the internet, people on Twitter began to crowdsource a way to justice and accountability.

Many people on Twitter also campaigned for Twitch to ban him from the platform.

At this time, there is no reporting Twitch has taken action against the man. The official Twitch Twitter account has not mentioned the incident.

The gamer was identified as "buckkerz" on Twitch. His profile described him as a "Father and a Husband," but it's unknown if the child in the video is his.

You can see the Twitch account here:


After backlash, buckkerz changed all of their Twitch content titles to "imsorry" before eventually either deleting or making all of their social media accounts private.

Unfortunately, the incident remains at arm's length. Plenty stepped in to voice outrage and report the incident, but at the end of the day the ability to bring the needed help is not in the hands of most people who watched the livestream or viewed the clip.

Hopefully this family gets the help they need.