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Twin Brothers Driving Separate Vehicles Both Charged With DWIs After Plowing Into Two Constable's Deputies Investigating A Fatal Car Crash

Twin Brothers Driving Separate Vehicles Both Charged With DWIs After Plowing Into Two Constable's Deputies Investigating A Fatal Car Crash
Harris County Precinct 8 Constable's Office/Facebook

In a ridiculously unlikely event, twins James and Joseph Bramlet, 37, caused injury to two constable's deputies while driving two separate vehicles.

The deputies were securing the scene of an earlier fatal crash when two vehicles rapidly approached the scene.

The Harris County Precinct 8 Constable's Office shared a press release on Facebook outlining what happened.

"PRESS RELEASE April 21, 2019"
"At approximately 10:45 PM last night, Deputies with Constable Phil Sandlin's Office responded to the scene of a major traffic accident northbound in the 5900 block of the E Sam Houston PW S."
"A 19 year old female was found pinned in the left rear passenger seat and was unresponsive. The vehicle was driven by a 21 year old white male and there was a small infant in the right rear seat."
"Tragically, the female died in the crash and the driver and infant were transported to Bayshore Hospital in Pasadena for evaluation."

This wasn't the end of the chaos, though, as deputies soon found out.

"While Deputies were investigating this fatality accident, a separate crash occurred. Two vehicles, a Ford F-150 driven by 37 year old James Bramlet and a Hyundai passenger car driven by his twin brother Joseph Bramlet, were involved."

Deputy Matthew Self was injured when he had to leap out of the way to avoid the brothers, who had ignored his traffic direction.

"Precinct 8 Deputy Matthew Self was standing in the roadway directing traffic around the scene when the second crash occurred. Deputy Self ran and dove out of the way of the oncoming vehicles when he realized they were not stopping, suffering injury to his left ankle in the process."

The other, Deputy Troy Brinkley, was injured when the brothers hit his cruiser after narrowly missing Deputy Self.

"The F-150 then tried to stop suddenly when it was rear ended by the Hyundai. The force of the collision caused the F-150 to slam head on into a marked Precinct 8 K9 patrol vehicle driven by Deputy Troy Brinkley."

Brinkley's K9 partner, K9 Evo, was thankfully uninjured.

Further investigation revealed that both brothers were intoxicated at the time of the accident.

"Joseph Bramlet was subsequently arrested and charged with a felony DWI with a Child Passenger and is being held in lieu of a $1500 bond. James Bramlet was charged with DWI and Unlawful Carry of a Weapon and is being held in lieu of a $200 bond."

Many on Facebook argued that the brothers' bonds were set much too low for the crimes they committed. Especially Joseph Bramlet, whose decision to drive while intoxicated also endangered a child.

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The press release forget started that the deputies were transported to Southeast Memorial Hospital for treatment after the accident, and have since been released to recover at home.

The Constable's office also gave condolences to the family of the woman who was killed in the initial crash, saying:

"Our thoughts and prayers are with all those effected by these events, especially the family of the young woman who died. The investigation into both of these cases is ongoing."