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Tumblr Expertly Trolls Twitter by Selling 'Important Blue Internet Checkmarks' Of Their Own

The popular social media platform is selling two checkmarks for $7.99 because 'you can never be too important on the internet.'

screenshot of Tumblr post

Have you ever wanted to see that coveted blue checkmark by your name?

Wanted to revel in all the checkmark privileges the blue provides?

Do you desperately want the verification in all of its social media glory?

Well, now you don't have to wait for the unattainable anymore. Twitter decided to bestow the gift of celebrity on us mere mortals.

For the low low price of $8 a month, you too can buy your privilege. However, Twitter wasn't the only one to spin a profit off the desirable blue checkmarks.

Elon Musk ruffled feathers when he decided Twitter would begin a monthly subscription service for "notable" accounts to purchase and/or maintain their status verified status.

The decision drew a very thin line between the "well-known" and the "well, someone knows them" reaffirming the old adage "fame costs." And now for less than ten dollars you too could buy popularity.

Or pretend to be a pharmaceutical giant and tank their stock prices.

The Twitter announcement drew immediate mockery and pushback. But there was no bigger troll than Tumblr.

Tumblr wanted in on the action.

Tumblr decided to sell two verified checkmarks for just $7.99.

The microblogging and social networking platform tumbled into this week's trending news and piled on more mockery of Musk when they made their announcement.

The description on Tumblr's site read:

“We’re introducing Important Blue Internet Checkmarks here on Tumblr."
"They’re a steal at $7.99—that’s cheaper than some other places, when you consider that you get not one but TWO checkmarks for your blog on web only (for now)."

A disclaimer seemingly aimed at Musk read:

“This is not a verification status; it’s an Important Blue Internet Checkmark, which in 2022 is just as legit.

To then add a cherry on top, a separate page containing more information about the blue checkmarks stated there’s “no need to call” and you can go ahead and secure the “coveted status symbol” without “having to be verified by staff.”

People were here for the chaos.



Tumblr can probably relate.

A poorly researched decision sunk their social media platform too.

But Tumblr saw the error of their ways and had a change of heart.

And they're welcoming people back in style.

Bravo Tumblr.

Way to make the most of the moment...

... and still keep it real.