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Tucker Carlson Guest Claims White People Are Smarter Than Black People By 'Dozens Of IQ Points'

Tucker Carlson Guest Claims White People Are Smarter Than Black People By 'Dozens Of IQ Points'
Tucker Carlson Today/Fox Nation

A controversial social scientist spoke with Tucker Carlson about the "cognitive demands" of certain occupations and how racial IQ related to those demands, in addition to peddling more pseudoscientific racism.

On Carlson's show on the Fox Nation streaming service, Charles Murray, the co-author of "The Bell Curve", talked about his new book and differences between people "that are not explained by racism, let alone systemic racism."

Which was a fancy way of saying just racist things.

You can see their remarks here:

Murray guested on Carlson's show where they talked about ideas in his new book, along with old ones that have been widely criticized.

The above clip, where Murray uses an example of the difference in IQ between Black and white nurses leads to a difference in job performance.

He said:

"Essentially, you have registered nurses, and we have data on fairly large numbers of registered nurses, Black and white, and the difference in mean IQ between the two of those is a dozen IQ points, which is a lot."
"It means you have a whole lot of extremely able Black nurses. You have some incompetent white nurses, but it does mean you have a difference in job performance, and that's eventually going to be reflected in income as well."

The argument Murray made is one that white nationalists have been pushing for years.

Murray's book "The Bell Curve" became a very divisive work, often used by racists and alt-right figures to push a pseudoscientific narrative about inherent racial differences in intelligence. This has led to a lot of criticism of IQ as a sole standard for determining intelligence, and possibly its use as a test at all.

Murray's discussion with Carlson went on, with Carlson not challenging any of the outrageous claims Murray made. If you're familiar with Carlson at all, this is unsurprising.

Instead, Carlson's show is the perfect place for thinly disguised racism to be pushed, since that's what the internet says mostly happens there anyway.

Murray's claims about IQ and race were not backed up with any studies or statistics, though they likely feature in his new book. However, if it's being pushed by Carlson as the truth, it should only be considered with more than a few grains of salt, if at all.