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Biden's Blunt Response To Trump's Insult That Biden Will 'Listen To The Scientists' If Elected Is Pitch Perfect

ROBERTO SCHMIDT/Getty Images; Scott Olsen/Getty Images

During a recent campaign rally in Carson, Nevada, President Trump went on the attack against his opponent, Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden, with a mocking insult that wasn't as hurtful as he intended it to be.

Speaking of Biden, the President warned his 5,000 mostly unmasked attendees:

"He'll listen to the scientists."

Biden responded to Trump's charge with a single word.

Trump may be a little bit out of touch with the average American, most of whom simply want the President to follow scientific guidelines to end the virus.

Also, the President's claim that "we're like a rocket ship" because he's ignored the scientists doesn't seem quite accurate.

It wasn't the President's best moment of political messaging.

Twitter roundly mocked Trump for his accidental endorsement.

At least the two sides of the aisle are finally in agreement over something.

Listen to Donald Trump, everyone: a vote for Joe Biden is a vote for science and reason.