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Trump Leaves Oval Office Medal Ceremony Attendees Speechless After Abruptly Walking Out


Donald Trump is facing criticism for ending his four years in office by embarrassing himself and those around him with displays of pettiness unheard of from a sitting President.

On December 7, a ceremony was held in the Oval Office to award the Medal of Freedom—the nation's highest civilian honor—to wrestler Dan Gable.

After the medal was bestowed on Gable, reporters asked President Trump several questions. But the President abruptly ended the ceremony, walking out with a curt "thank you."

Gable was left behind, arms wide, wondering what the heck just happened.

The ending was the most awkward moment of Trump's ceremony with Gable but it was absolutely not the only one.

It was a deeply strange moment, even among the many other strange moments generated by the Trump presidency.

Twitter couldn't help but cringe at the awkwardness of the encounter.

People found Trump's behavior disrespectful.

At least now we all know how to get President Trump to leave the room.

Hopefully the next person to receive the Medal of Freedom won't have such a hard time.