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Trump Just Used Emojis On Twitter For The First Time, And People Are Totally Weirded Out

MANDEL NGAN/Getty Images, @emzanotti/Twitter

One thing that has set President Trump apart from most world leaders is his insistence on constantly tweeting his unfiltered thoughts and feelings.

Tweets from the President are often inaccurate, unethical, or even borderline nonsensical but, up until yesterday, they were always completely verbal.

But on September 2, 2020, everything changed. For the first time, President Trump sent a tweet with emojis!

Twitter was absolutely horrified.

Everyone online agreed this was the absolute wrong time for the President to become interested in emojis.

Of course, Fox News praised Trump's emojis as groundbreaking and genius.

This tweet will surely be remembered by historians centuries from now.

Others were more concerned than excited by the President's choice of emojis.

Welcome, everyone, to a brave new world where President Trump's tweets are somehow even creepier and weirder.