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Trump Dragged For Complaining 'No One Ever Talks About' The Size Of His January 6 Rally

Trump Dragged For Complaining 'No One Ever Talks About' The Size Of His January 6 Rally
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Donald Trump complained about a topic relating to January 6, the day of the Capitol siege, during an interview on Wednesday with the right-wing news channel, GB News.

He was upset nobody was talking about the "massive" crowd size of his anti-election rally.

When Nigel Farage—a former pro-Brexit politician-turned broadcaster for British TV—asked Trump if it was a mistake to hold a rally that day, the former twice-impeached, one-term President said he had no regrets.

You can watch the interview here:

But what continued nagging at Trump was the fact nobody was talking about the size of his "massive rally."

“It was a massive rally with hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people. I think it was the largest crowd I’ve ever spoken before."

Trump then repeated his baseless claim about a rigged election, claiming November 3 was the real date of the insurrection and January 6 was a protest–even though there has been no evidence of voter fraud that lead to President Joe Biden's win.

He continued regurgitating a familiar falsehood and obsession—that of crowd sizes.

During his presidency, Trump has repeatedly boasted about the biggest crowd turnout ever at his various rallies and events around the country.

Even after his exit from the Oval Office, his skewed perspective on crowds continued when reflecting back on his January 6 rally.

“If you would’ve looked at the crowds, the size, nobody wants to talk about that."
"I believe it was the biggest and most people I ever―and I’ve spoken to very big crowds―I have never spoken in front of a crowd that size. Nobody ever talks about that.”

"Unfortunately, some bad things happened," he said, referring to the hordes of Trump supporters who broke into the Capitol building in an attempt to overturn the certification of President Joe Biden.

The violent siege led to the deaths of five people, including responding Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick.

However, Trump argued, "the other side had some bad things happen," saying he offered "10,000 national guardsmen and the military because I knew the crowd was going to be massive because I knew the anger over the election."

"Pelosi and Capitol Hill turned it down. We would have had tremendous security. The real insurrection took place on election day."

Trump's interview with the former UKIP leader was held at Mar-A-Largo, and it marked the first time with an international broadcaster since Trump left the White House in 2020.