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Pro-Trump Trolls Awkwardly Fail At Hijacking Nickelodeon Poll Asking Kids Who Should Be President

Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

Children aren't legally allowed to vote in Presidential elections, but every four years the children's channel Nickelodeon gives its viewers a chance to voice their opinion in their "Kids Pick The President" straw poll.

Though the results of the vote have little bearing on the outcome of the election, the poll is a tradition that lets kids voice their opinion on who should be running the country.

This year, however, the poll ran into some online troubles as pro-Trump trolls attempted to hijack the vote using bots.

A bunch of adults trying to hack into a children's online straw poll may seem sad, but it's even more pathetic when you find out their attempts were unsuccessful.

Despite an army of bots descending on the poll, Biden still won the vote 53% to 47%.

Apparently Nickelodeon detected suspicious behavior surrounding the poll and ended up deleting more than 130,000 bot-generated botes.

Unfortunately for Trump's supporters, the kids have spoken and they want Joe Biden in office!

This poll is simply the latest in a seemingly endless string of surreal experiences to come out of 2020.

This poll may not have turned out very well for President Trump, but the only vote that actually matters is the real one, which closes next Tuesday, November 3.

Be sure to exercise your constitutional right and vote as early as possible!