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TikToker Goes Viral With Heartbreaking Story About Finding Out His Son Is Really His Uncle

TikToker Goes Viral With Heartbreaking Story About Finding Out His Son Is Really His Uncle

A short 15 second video received 11.5 million views on TikTok and shared a heartbreaking story about a man finding out his son is actually his Uncle.

Samir, known as @stacks1400 on TikTok, shared a video of him crying, wiping away tears with an extra face mask.

The text over the video read:

"Found out my son was really my uncle."
"My granddad was f'king my girl the whole time we was staying with him."

Not only that, but the caption read:

"Can't believe I expected more from a man that had a whole other family around the corner from my granny house."

A second video that showed Samir looking like a clown read:

"Me still wanting to be apart of my son/uncle's life..."
"Why would my Grandfather hurt me like this?"

Samir explained in a later video his Grandfather had invited them to stay at his place during some hard times they were going through. He didn't charge them anything to stay with him, but he later found out his Grandfather had been having sex with his girlfriend while they were staying there.

In a later video, Samir replied to a comment asking how he found out:

"She was in the shower, and I had the phone. The baby was on youtube and it kept dinging."
"And I just went through the messages and it was years worth of messages and pictures and explicit stuff."
"And people just like 'I would do something to him,' but it's like, what would I do, it's my granddad and it's a girl and it was consensual."
"It's just messed up they played me like that. He's the one that invited us to live with him. It's f'ked up."

Reply to @sportscrazee

While many commenters were initially confused by the situation, he has garnered a bit of sympathy from this heartbreaking news as well.








There was some debate in the comments on whether or not Samir should stay with his girlfriend, but it seemed like he wanted to still be there for the baby.






Samir has an interesting backstory.

He was once a gang member and went to federal prison for eight years. Now he is an advocate for youth and a professional boxer.

You can check out his interview with Sit Downs With Sid.