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Woman Stunned After Guy On Dating App Asks If She's An Amputee Due To Her Profile Photos

Woman Stunned After Guy On Dating App Asks If She's An Amputee Due To Her Profile Photos

Ask anyone who's done it and they'll tell you dating on apps is a minefield at best, a disaster at worst. And when it comes to women, they've fielded just every bad line and weird request you can possibly think of.

But one U.K. woman's recent interaction with a would-be Tinder suitor just might take the cake. Because her profile photos were all angled such that only one of her arms was visible, the guy assumed she was an amputee.

The woman, whose name is Emily, shared the experience in a series of TikToks, complete with screenshots to prove this deeply bizarre encounter actually happened.

Naturally, the videos have gone viral because people can't believe their eyes.

Twenty-one-year-old Emily, who goes by @em.griffx on TikTok, is a student at the Birmingham City University in the U.K. She received a message from a guy called Harry, who struck up a conversation with a most unusual opening line.

"This may sound weird but are you an amputee?"

Emily thought it was some kind of pick-up line or joke, as most anyone would—it's such a weird question it has to be a bit, right?


Harry responded in all seriousness.

"I was asking as a genuine question... Look at ur photos and tell me you wouldn't think the same. You only ever have 1 arm in them."

Emily could only respond, "I'm howling," because what else is there to say but to laugh at such an absurd question?

But then things took a turn. Emily went back and looked at her Tinder photos.

And, well...

In the video, helpfully and hilariously captioned "I do have arms," Emily showed off all her Tinder profile photos.

In every shot, one of her arms—the same arm every time—is obscured.

What's more, in one of the photos her arm is behind her back. Between the way her arm is positioned and the way her t-shirt sleeve is hanging, it quite literally looks like she's had an amputation.

Vindication for Harry. Emily had to concede he might have had a point.

And Emily's fellow TikTokers could not stop laughing.











Let this be a lesson to all you people out there looking for love. Pay extra attention to those profile photos.