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Mom Unloads On Principal After Her Daughter Is Sent Home For Violating School Dress Code

Mom Unloads On Principal After Her Daughter Is Sent Home For Violating School Dress Code

A mom of a 12-year-old at Ford Middle School in Washington State stood up for her daughter when the school sent her home over a dress code violation.

She posted the interactions to TikTok and it went viral.

Khalesei Holt, mother of three, was called to pick up her daughter in the middle of the school day for wearing high waisted sweatpants and a t-shirt. The mother explained she brought another shirt for her daughter to change into.

Yet she was still told to take her daughter out of school.

The first of several videos showed Holt recording someone in the office as they wait for her daughter to arrive.

The woman called security apparently because Holt was recording without her "permission."

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In the second video, Holt was having a conversation with Principal Heather Renner.

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The video started with Holt saying:

"I am done with it."
"I am recording for my protection."

Principal Renner responded by bringing up legal action.

"I am not giving you permission."
"That's what my attorney would say."
"You don't have permission to record us."

But Holt said she was still going to record regardless.

She tried to have her daughter return to class but Renner said "not right now."

Holt pointed the camera directly at Renner:

"So you're taking her education away over her dress code."

Principal Renner just walked out.

Holt continued:

"So the principal at Ford Middle School, yet again, over the dress code."
"She's not going to sit in the office, she's not going home."
"So who's going to send her back to class?"

There was a debate in the comments section about whether Holt was in the right or the wrong.

But ultimately most people agreed her daughter should have been able to go back to class.











In a follow up video, the mother talked to another school administrator who didn't have any good answers for her.

Even though Holt brought a change of clothes, her daughter was not allowed back in school that day.


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The student handbook published online shows the dress code saying crop tops are not allowed, but commenters questioned if she was wearing a crop top or a t-shirt.

The discipline section of the handbook doesn't state a student would be removed from the school entirely for a dress code ruling.

Disciplinary actions only include changing clothes and conferences with parents and administration.

The handbook also states:

"We are committed to safe, academically oriented learning enivironment."
"Parents, we thank you for your assistance in heloing your children learn to make wise choices about their school attire."
"Our goal is to educate students and support families."

This series of videos seems to prove otherwise.