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Women Try Period Cramp Simulator On Group Of Male Friends—And They Don't Handle It Well At All


A viral video showed a group of women trying out a period cramp simulator with a bunch of their male friends who have never had a period, and it was hilarious.

Everyone in the video tried the simulator, but not everyone handled it very well.

It started with one woman trying to device on level 10, the highest it goes. She was completely un-phased.

One of the men said:

"I'm not gonna lie, I'm shaking over here a little bit."

The first guy tried the machine on the first level and instantly had a reaction. He reached for the person next to him to stabilize himself.

Another guy said:

"Is it supposed to hurt like that?"

The person next to him joked:

"Hey, who need to breath? I don't."

The other guy responded:

"Right?! Oxygen is for the weak!"

The video went on for a few minutes and everyone explained how they felt the pain radiating to other parts of their body like the lower back and legs. One even said he felt it in his knee caps.


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The men were shocked to learn that the women actually do feel their period cramps in their backs.

Once they reached level 10, all hell broke loose. One man named TJ actually fell to the ground after they turned off the machine.

The video posted by @benztraphouse reached 1.5 million views and 265.1 thousand likes.

Many of the women commenting explained how this pain is just one side effect of the menstrual cycle.













The video is very funny, but it does show that a lot of people without periods don't realize what people with periods really go through. Hopefully this shed some light on the subject.