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TikToker's Wild Story About Getting Matching Tattoos With Her BFF Who Then Stole Her Husband Goes Viral

TikToker's Wild Story About Getting Matching Tattoos With Her BFF Who Then Stole Her Husband Goes Viral

If you truly plan to be best friends forever, there's perhaps no better way to make it official than getting matching tattoos, right?

Allow Nikki—a TikToker who fittingly, as you'll see, goes by stressymessydepressymama on the app—to disabuse you of that notion.

As she explained in a TikTok post, she and her BFF got matching tattoos to profess their undying dedication to one another.

And then the BFF stole her husband.


@stressymessydepressymama ##stitch with @themrspedersen I'm okay I'm fine, it's fine, really I'm fineeeeee! 🥴 ##bestfriendgoals ##bestfriendscheck ##sendwine ##therapy ##ouchie
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Nikki told her story as part of a TikTok trend in which people were asked to share lessons they learned the hard way in order to help others avoid making the same mistake.

And, well, Nikki certainly had some wisdom to share.

As she put it, getting matching tattoos with your best friend is all well and good until:

"she has an affair with your husband, takes over your entire life and starts raising your children as if they're her own."

Nikki ended the video by saying:

"So much therapy though, seriously, so much f'king therapy."

Of course, Nikki's fellow TikTokers were in shock after hearing just these few bare details of the story, so Nikki did a series of follow-ups where she filled in some more details.

First, she shared the tattoo in question: The words "you keep me wild" and the Morse code pattern for "best friends forever."


Looks like a touching tribute if it weren't for the rest of the story.

Like many couples nowadays, Nikki and her ex were in what she called a "semi-open relationship." Her husband wasn't allowed to date other women, but he was allowed to sleep with other women—with one stipulation.

"My only rule was no close friends."

Her husband broke that rule to the nth degree.

He slept with her close-est friend of about 12 years, which, Nikki added, is "basically half my life." In the end, she and her ex have been able to mend fences enough to share custody of her daughter and stepson, but Nikki said it is still painful to have to share her life with people who so profoundly betrayed her.

Nikki's fellow TikTokers were left slack-jawed at the drama.












So there you have it.

Call your bff and cancel that tattoo appointment STAT.