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Woman Discovers A Creepy Opening Behind Her Apartment's Bathroom Mirror in Wild Viral Videos

Woman Discovers A Creepy Opening Behind Her Apartment's Bathroom Mirror in Wild Viral Videos

New York City living is not for the faint of heart for myriad reasons, finding a decent apartment chief among them.

But the quirk a TikToker's recently discovered in her NYC apartment kind of takes the cake.

After much investigation, Samantha Hartsoe discovered a giant opening behind her bathroom mirror and it's straight out of a horror movie.

@samanthartsoe seriously never would I have expected to find this... and I documented all of it ##mystery ##fyp ##nyc ##secret ##foryou ##apartment ##storytime
♬ Mysterious - Andreas Scherren

Samantha's odyssey began with a situation familiar to many apartment dwellers.

After repeatedly feeling an unexplained cold draft of air in her bathroom, Samantha wanted to get to the bottom of the source.

As she details in her video, the draft was so strong it blew her hair around as if a window had been left open.

Definitely abnormal.

After much investigation, she discovered the draft was coming from behind the bathroom mirror.

So she took it off the wall and what she found is... well, downright terrifying.

Behind the mirror is a giant hole.

And on the other side of the hole is an entireroom.

So, naturally, Samantha did what any normal person would do. She suited herself up with a mask and a headlamp and contorted herself through the hole in her wall into the terrifying abyss behind her bathroom.

You know, no big deal.

Thankfully, Samantha safely got through the hole (though how she ever got back out remains a mystery.)

And what she found behind her bathroom was not just merely another room.

It was a whole other apartment.

@samanthartsoe crawled through a wall for this mystery so enjoy the finale 🕵🏻♀️ ##mystery ##nyc ##apartment ##secret ##storytime ##storytime ##fyp ##foryou
♬ Mysterious - Andreas Scherren

Understandably, Samantha has some questions.

As she says at the closing of her final video, her landlord will be getting a call from her soon. No doubt she'd like to know why on Earth they thought it was okay to leave a hole big enough for a grown person to fit through in the wall of someone's apartment.

If you're completely freaking out, you're not alone.

People on social media have basically been panicking about this for the past 24 hours.






So there you have it.

If you're looking for more space in your apartment, you might check behind the bathroom mirror.