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Have you ever read a think-piece article where it's blatantly obvious that the author didn't bother to, ya know, think?

Of course you have, this is the internet.

Brace yourselves, because we're about to talk about an article that sent readers down a bathroom-related rabbit hole that insists pretty much all of our home restrooms are terrifying and dangerous.

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Dana Carvey's classic SNL character "The Church Lady" was meant to be a scathing caricature of judgemental holier-than-thou church elders.

It was never intended to be an example to aspire to.

Apparently Miss Bonnie Sue of the Swansboro United Methodist Church didn't get that memo.

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The only spoiler for Avengers: Endgame is our tiny bladders.

The epic movie event every Marvel fan was waiting for is finally here, but are you ready for it?

I'm not talking about the plot. I'm talking about the three-hour-plus running time.

One big reason people see blockbuster films like the Avengers at the multiplex is to experience it as if you were there, fighting along with them, as you're enveloped by a massive screen.

The only drawback is, there is no convenient pause button if have to relieve yourself.

Got a catheter?

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