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TikToker Floored To Discover Boyfriend Kept Spreadsheet Of How Much She Owed Him

TikToker @maddyblythe was shocked when her now ex-boyfriend charged her $3.23 for a banana and a piece of bread.

TikTok screenshots of @maddyblythe

A woman on TikTok went viral after posting a video justifying, "Men are weird with money," but viewers are letting her know her case was a bit extreme.

Creator @maddyblythe first revealed in a video that her boyfriend charged her for a banana.


He charged her for a banana and a piece of toast while they were visiting his mother. This, she shared, was after she purchased a 'thank you' gift basket to express their gratitude for the hospitality.

She explained:

“A few days later, I get an email from my boyfriend that had an Excel document in it. The Excel doc was all of our shared expenses from the trip, which was fine – that’s how we normally did things."
“But, I did notice there was one line in the Excel document that I was kind of confused about and the line just said, “breakfast” for $3.23.”

She continued:

“He looks at me deadpan and goes, ‘Oh, well that’s for the banana and piece of toast you ate at my mum’s'.”

You can watch the first video below.

WARNING: NSFW language


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For her follow-up video- which has been viewed 3.2 million times - @maddyblythe was able to pull up one of the spreadsheets to reply to a commenter.

She shared:

“So he would send me about one of these a month."
"As you can see, he was nice enough to color-code it, that was great. And then at the bottom of this … would be the totals of everything that I owed.”

Viewers all agreed this should have been a major red flag.











@maddyblythe shared she wouldn't stand for spreadsheets today, but that relationship did last a whopping three years.

Good.ness. Three years too long if you ask us.