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This Hidden Message In Ariana Grande's Song 'Pete Davidson' Is Blowing Our Minds 😮

This Hidden Message In Ariana Grande's Song 'Pete Davidson' Is Blowing Our Minds 😮
Kevin Mazur/WireImage; Twitter: @BreannaLind

It doesn't seem that long ago that Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson announced their engagement. The whirlwind romance had escalated to marriage talk in June, and the two stars raved about how happy they were. It was enough that when Grande released her album Sweetener in August, she added a last minute track dedicated to her paramour called "Pete Davidson."

In the short time since, the young couple have called off the engagement and broken up, but Grande is still one of the biggest stars in the world. Fans listen to her works repeatedly and analyze them ad nauseum. Which is why it's surprising it took this long to discover the hidden message in "Pete Davidson" that Grande left for her then-partner.

Twitter user Grace Barry, a fan of Grande, made a post about looking up the chords for the song. The song uses three chords on repeat, "B," "A," "E" which spells bae, slang for a person's significant other.

This discovery is blowing people's minds.

It could be a stretch. Those chords aren't uncommon and modern pop songs are infamous for their repeating structure. However, the song being a last minute addition to the album, and Grande's penchant for these kinds of details leads many to believe there's more to it.

On another track on the album, "Get Well Soon" the song ends and plays 40 seconds of silence before the track ends. This makes the track exactly 5 minutes and 22 seconds long, a likely tribute to the May 22nd, 2017 terrorist attack at Grande's Manchester show. Considering the song only exists because Pharrell Williams told Grande to write about her emotions over the incident in order to heal, it seems accurate.

Grande and Davidson may be over now, and Grande is focusing on loving herself, but this theory is a reminder of the impact the couple had on the world for a few short months.