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People Are Legit Thirsty For The 'Lost In Space' Robot, And We Get It

Neftlix, Twitter: @AlmondRoboPanda

The Lost In Space reboot happening on Netflix is actually pretty popular. The show is one of those classic sci-fi stories that everyone can find something to love about.

And wooooo are people finding something to love about it this time around. See, Netflix "accidentally" made the robot kinda sexy, you guys. Twitter totally noticed.

Eventually Netflix had to speak up about it.

But that just made things worse.

Netflix users (rightfully) don't seem to think the problem is with them. To paraphrase, if they didn't want the robot to be sexy, they shouldn't have made the robot sexy. We didn't start this fire, Netflix did.

If you're interested, you can find more sexy robot on Netflix's Lost In Space. We know you're interested.

H/T: Twitter