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People Admit The Things That They NEVER Mess With

People Admit The Things That They NEVER Mess With

Everyone's got their limits. Boundaries are a very important thing, and it can have terrible results if those boundaries are pushed. Just stay away and keep yourself sane.

u/MundaneBasil8 asked: What do you NEVER f**k with?

Those people are just asking to get fired.


A mean, rude, or otherwise unprofessional coworker. Chances are they are digging their own grave and you getting caught up with them will make you look bad. Ignore them, even entertain their crazy, and people will see you better for it.


NEVER be aggressive back.

Crazy aggressive drivers - just back off, that is not a fight to "win", because people get hurt. Just let the a**hole go and fall back if you have some idiot in a car next to you or in front of you.

I see people try to "put them in their place" by being aggressive back, and I have witnessed accidents because of this.


Smart advice.


Administrative assistants - they can improve or deteriorate your work life in the most ninja-like way. You do NOT want one cross with you...


I work at a factory. Our secretary has the most access to the place of anyone in the plant, including the plant manager who makes probably 20x her pay, if not way more.

She has the keys for every cabinet, drawer, door, posting board, company vehicle, you name it. A few of us have some important keys, but she has all of them.


Water can be dangerous.

Moving water. A one-metre cube of water weighs a tonne -- literally -- and it doesn't care whether you're in its way.

I'm not even talking about tsunami-levels, either. As little as six inches of fast-flowing water can knock you off your feet, and twelve inches can move a car. Something like the Strid at Bolton Abbey will screw you in ways you hadn't even considered.

I'm not saying having fun in water is a bad thing, or something you shouldn't do, but it's definitely something that deserves being mindful about.


Watch out.

The casually-dressed old men at corporate parties or events. There's a reason they don't need to don the suit and tie.


I heard a story that one of the tech heads at Microsoft would attend conventions with the title "Chief Janitor" on his badge. The purpose being that people worth talking to already recognized his name and what he really does, and he avoids suckups that only care about a fancy title like "Technical Director".


The truth hurts.


Discussions on religion and politics with people I don't know very well.


Can confirm, even with people you do know very well.


Sounds like a winning combination.

Cocaine and feral cats.

And definitely not at the same time.


Cats jacked up on crack are the best guard animals


Don't mess with cars.

Low oil pressure warnings on automobile engines; get a warning, pull over and turn the engine off immediately.

Nope tf out of that situation and call a tow truck, that vehicle is done until it can be repaired. There's no point in risking a multi-thousand dollar repair for impatience... Or do, I guess it's fine for you to give me an opportunity to buy your $15k car for $1k.


Not the cows!


Wild animals or big animals in general.

In my country there have been incidents where people got attacked by cows, a woman was even killed.

They were hiking and there are mountain pastures and some trails lead threw the fenced areas where the cows are. And there are signs that show how to behave explicitly with dogs and when the cows got calves.

And yet recently there was a picture in the newspaper of a family with two leashed dogs! and a baby in a stroller standing right in the middle of the cows and I mean close, right next to it. Basically everything you should'nt do. Luckily nothing happened that time.

If you go hiking or camping somewhere, inform yourself about possible dangerous animals and how to behave and obviously don't ignore instructions.


That's scary.


Once symptoms start (and it can lay hidden for YEARS) it has a 100% mortality rate and it is a horrifying death (1 girl survived with permanent damage after a brutal experimental treatment).

DON'T APPROACH WILD ANIMALS. If they scratch you or bite you GO GET VACCINATED. Ideally kill it and bring them the body/head, the only way to tell if someone or something has rabies is to cut open the skull and check the brain.


Tell this to all of the cat-calling men.

The people on planes with their headphones in. They obviously don't wanna talk and want to be left alone. This goes for public transport as well, respect other passengers.


A whole lotta nope.


Old power supplies.


In high school, we had a PC building class. During this class there was an old CRT monitor the school was throwing away. One student thought it would be fun to stab a screwdriver through the plastic down into the monitor. The teacher just stared at him and told him to never do that again. He then explained to us about capacitors and the negative effects voltage can have on the human body.


NEVER mess with senior citizens.

The AARP. Senior citizens vote, they write, many of them have money, and if they get behind something politicians will listen.


Most importantly, they're ornery and have nothing else to do.

In general, don't f**k with things that are ornery and have nothing else to do.


Or as we call it in theatre, "sparkle herpes".



Funny Story. I worked for a company where every tech had their own service van. One of the guys was being a dick about something so the other guys put a tube of glitter in his A/C vents and turned the fan on high. When he started his van he got a faceful of glitter.

Now it's the middle of summer so the guy was a little bit sweaty when he started up the van, so that shit stuck to his face real good. He spent like 20 minutes washing his face but he still couldn't get it all. He eventually had to give up and start his day.

Last call of the day is with this little old lady in her eighties. He gets to her house. Performs the service she requested and goes to get paid. As she's handing him a check she stops and says "Young man, do you realize that you have glitter on your face?" He said that he turned beet red.

The guy went to like 5 jobs that day and not once did anyone mention any glitter. Not that it would have done any good. Once that shit is on you it takes a pressure washer to get it off.


What an awful concept.


Garage door springs. Seriously. Unless you know what you're doing, you'll die.


100%. When the springs on my door snapped (it had a cable through it) I ran outside because I thought a car had driven through my garage. It was so loud.