Donald Trump

The Trump Store Just Hinted That 'Something Big Is Coming'—And People Have All Kinds Of Guesses

@TrumpStore/Twitter // @dredlich/Twitter

President Donald Trump is often known for exaggeration, so it may not come as a surprise that the official Trump Store Twitter account promised that "something big" would be available for purchase soon.

The announcement came with a video montage of Trump-supporting Americans enjoying Trump products at various patriotic celebrations. Only 15% of products from the Trump Store are made in the United States.

The store urged possible patrons to join the Trump Store email list to be the first to know what that "something big" could be.

While some of the president's more ardent supporters will undoubtedly be all too eager to join the list, others were more entertained by the various speculations Twitter users made as to what the product could be.

Many of the guesses made for some savage reads.

Hopes were high that the new arrival would be the ultimate gift.

Others were quick to call out the amount of products in the store that are made in China and elsewhere abroad.

The majority of Trump Store products are manufactured abroad, despite Trump's constant calls for other outsourced manufacturers to bring business back to the United States.


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