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Following That Whole 'X' Debate, Now We've Moved Onto The More Pressing Issue Of 'N' 🤔

Chaz Hutton/Twitter:@chazhutton

Just when you thought it was over, Twitter pulls you back in.

Handwriting is about as personal as it gets, so why do we tend to think that every one does it the same way we do?

Maybe because the way you write letters feels so instinctive that any other method seems unnatural.

But as the debate over how people write the letter "X" showed last week, everyone has their own way of doing it.

Now the debate has moved over to "N," after German comedian and comic writer Chaz Hutton asked people about it on Twitter. The number of different ways people can write one letter may surprise you once again.

Who knew there were that many different ways to write one letter?

And believe it or not there seemed to be users of every different version.

Some people even have their own completely unique styles.

In the end, though, one clear winner emerged from the bunch.

But even though the debates over "X" and "N" might be settled for now, don't forget we still have 24 letters to go. This could take a while.