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The Jury Is Still Out On Whether 'The Hand Challenge' Is Really Simple Or Really Complicated

@dele/Instagram, @IndiaSpurs/Twitter

English soccer player, Dele Alli, is known for more than just his athletic performances. Sure, he's played in the World Cup and all, but the really impressive thing about Dele Alli is that, apparently, his bones are made of jelly. Internet is losing its collective mind trying to figure out how to do the simple-looking hand signal he does after scoring a goal.

Seriously, this looks like a total piece of cake, right?

It's just a monocle with some fancy finger-swag on it. No way this is a challenge. Go ahead and give it a try in the mirror. I'll wait...




Half of you can't figure out Wizard-Fingers up here, can you? NOPE! Don't feel bad. Neither can internet, and it's leading to an interesting and possibly arthritis-inducing phenomena, the #DeleAlliChallenge. It's a warzone out here, guys.

Eventually, representatives from Clan Jellybones started to pop up and they took this to a whooooole other level.

Poor Dele, he just wanted to celebrate some goals and now he's got this on his shoulders, lol.

Can you do it? We'd love to see your attempts! And before you ask, yes we tried it. It took about 5 minutes and some Google-fu to figure out, but we got there. This hand challenge was tough, but we totally nailed the #FingerKnotChallenge.

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