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The Internet Is Freaking Out Over A Heavily Bedazzled Emirates Airplane—But It's Not What It Seems

Arterra/UIG via Getty Images; Twitter: @Siphumeleli

The internet is always ready to indulge in displays of wealth and opulence, and there are few places you can find such scenes as those promoted by Dubai. The capital of one of the emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has taken to displays of wealth to generate tourism and attract investors, so it's no surprise when they show off something fancy.

The government-owned Emirates Airline posted a photo to Twitter showing a jewel-encrusted plane.

Dubai is home to the tallest skyscraper in the world, the Burj Khalifa, so this seemed pretty natural. In fact, how did they not have a diamond plane already?

Seeing as this is the airline of Dubai, no one questioned it.

But all is not as it seems. As the tweet says, this is actually the work of award winning artist Sara Shakeel.

Shakeel is known for her surreal style, turning normal photos into blinged-out masterpieces. This often includes a bedazzled look, replacing clothing with a diamond texture or just adding rainbows.

Sometimes, all three at once!

Though it wasn't meant to trick anyone, the bedazzled plane was quickly revealed to be a fake.

It's hard to blame those who thought the plane was real. Dubai has had stories of sports cars for their police force and creating their own islands to draw in tourists, so a bedazzled plane seemed like a natural extension.