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Texas Exotic Dancer Murdered Two Weeks After Posting Video About Finding Tracking Device On Her Car

Texas Exotic Dancer Murdered Two Weeks After Posting Video About Finding Tracking Device On Her Car
Abigail Saldana/Facebook; Tarrant County Sheriff's Office

A young Texas mom who worked as an exotic dancer was found murdered two weeks after she posted a video showing a tracking device she found in her car.

Abigail Saldana was allegedly shot by a customer who frequented Rick's Cabaret in Fort Worth, Texas where she danced.

The suspect had a previous complaint against him for harassing and stalking the victim.

According to WFAA, Fort Worth police responded to an emergency call on Tuesday of a major accident where they found Saldana's body inside her vehicle along Highway 183.

"Upon arrival officers located a female victim inside of her vehicle with apparent gunshot wounds to her torso," read a police statement.

The body was identified as Saldana's and she was pronounced dead at the scene.

The suspect, 54-year-old Stanley Szeliga, was booked on a murder charge tied to her death.

Police learned during a subsequent investigation that Szeliga was "having issues recently with the suspect."

An arrest warrant said an employee at Rick's told detectives the 22-year-old "had recently been harassed by a customer" and "indicated that Abigail was frightened of Stan because he was stalking and harassing her."

Investigators were shown Saldana's post from October 14, 2021 in which she said she'd "found a tracker that Stan had hidden on her car in an effort to follow her."

"This is so crazy, you guys; so crazy. Who would do this?" Saldana said in the video that was captioned with:

"Check under your cars ladies! This is no joke and sometimes you think it will never be you!"

The Instagram clip was shared to YouTube, which you can see, here.

Saldana's mother, Jessica Contreras, said her daughter reported finding the tracker to the police.

On October 27, a SWAT team served a search warrant and forced their way into Szeliga's apartment, where they found the suspect "located on a balcony of the residence and was found with several self-inflicted cut wounds on various parts of his body," according to police.

Szeliga was charged with murder and is currently held at the Tarrant County Lon Evans Correction Center in Fort Wort on a $250,000 bond.

Contreras, who lives in Wichita Falls, said her daughter moved to Dallas a few years ago with her 5-year-old son.

She said of Szeliga:

"He took her away from me, and I'm gonna make sure every time he has a court date, he will see my face there. He's gonna see that Abby was never alone."

The grieving mother added every day without her daughter has been a living nightmare.

She told the news outlet:

"Her not being here, her son without a mother, that's the hardest part every day."

As of November 2, Fort Worth police said the investigation was ongoing.