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Terry Bradshaw Sparks Outrage With Fat-Shaming Comments To Kansas City Coach After Super Bowl Win

The NFL commentator left viewers stunned after mocking Andy Reid's weight following the Chiefs' win over the Eagles.

Terry Bradshaw and Andy Reid
Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Fox sports analyst and former Super Bowl champ Terry Bradshaw was never known for his eloquence, but his comments made during last night's post Super Bowl broadcast with winning coach Andy Reid are being called disgraceful.

The NFL commentator is famous for his quirky comments and being the jokester of the Fox football hosts, but it seems as though Bradshaw categorized insensitive and disrespectful as funny, and many are calling for his removal from the program.

Upon Kansas City Chief's win on the greatest football stage, Bradshaw waved the two-time Super Bowl winning coach over to do a post-game interview, incessantly commenting on Reid's stature.

Bradshaw said:

"Big guy...let me get the big guy in here."

Yep, and then:

"Come on, waddle over here."

We're sorry, what‽‽

You can watch the moment below.

Needless to say, viewers were outraged.

USA Today Sports' For the Wineven called for Bradshaw's time on air to end.

"There has to be a point where the leadership at Fox Sports realizes that it’s time to stop giving Terry Bradshaw a role in NFL coverage. It’s getting beyond uncomfortable to watch at this point."

Others on social media agreed.

Many are also noting Bradshaw told Reid to "have a cheeseburger on us," though it was likely a reference to Reid's comment made after his previous Super Bowl win at which time the coach said he was going to "have the biggest cheeseburger you've ever seen."

No comment has been made yet by either Fox or Bradshaw, but at the very least, a sincere apology wouldn't hurt.