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Teen Can't Hide His Embarrassment Over Dancing Adults Next To Him On The Jumbotron 😂


Adults are embarrassing to teenagers. It's just a fact. Whom amongst us hasn't been mortified by our parents or grandparents attempting to bust a move or use turns of phrase in totally the wrong way? Here's a little secret, younger people: we know it's mortifying for you, and your cringes amuse us endlessly. One poor teenager at Petco Park in San Diego just learned that the hard way.

Cool Moms: Maniacally Brilliant.


The teenager, seated with some adults and a few younger kids, didn't seem to mind right away when the group popped up on the jumbo screen. The longer the adults on either side of him kept dancing, though, the redder his face got. The man treated the crowd to a stellar chair-dance while clapping on literally anything but the 2 and 4. The woman took the message of Flo Rida's Low to heart, and shorty got low low low low low low low low.

She went for it. Hard.

OK so he's obviously a bit embarassed, but whew. He survived. It's all over now. There's no possible way that the camera man would swing back around to this disaster again mere minutes later. And there's definitely no way it would be worse this time because now there were kids pointing and heckling. Right?


He eventually gave up and just hid his face in his hands. Twitter feels his pain... and they love it.

H/T: Twitter, Mashable