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Teen Calls Police After The Fake ID He Ordered Never Arrived, And Yikes

duckycards/Getty Images

Most people don't call the cops right after doing something illegal. But, one Canadian teenager called the police after a fake ID he ordered online failed to arrive.

The unusual call was described by Constable Ed Sanchuk, of the Ontario Provincial Police, in a Twitter video.

He said the Canadian teenager has sent an "undisclosed amount of money" to someone online who was purporting to sell fake IDs, along with "personal and identifying information."

"Unfortunately that identification never arrived," he said.

Sanchuk said the teenager could now face "potential identity theft issues down the road."

The internet laughed at the whole situation.

But when talking seriously, Sanchuk took the opportunity to remind people not to share personal information online.

"You just don't know where that information goes," he said.

He also suggested that parents and caregivers should warn teenagers that using fake IDs could lead to criminal charges.

"Do me a favor, I'm a parent myself, I'm going to be going home tonight talking to my son and my daughter about this," he said. "Sit down, talk to your kids, parents and caregivers, let them know the ramifications of doing such a thing."