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This Teen Barber Spent His Weekend Giving Haircuts To The Homeless—And The Internet Is Suitably Impressed


18-year-old barber Joshua Rodriguez decided that he wanted to make a difference in his community. He said in and Instagram post that it only recently occurred to him that his skills as a barber were an excellent way to do just that.

"This June makes 2 years that I've been cutting hair..."
"In all this time it wasn't until this past Sunday that marked the first time that it occurred to me that I have an ability to help others in a way that I know best."

Joshua, along with his friend Bruno Diaz (@yungdrippaa on Instagram), went out and bought $200 worth of food and other necessities. Then they went to the Overtown neighborhood in Miami to see what they could do to help people out.

They fed those who were hungry, while Joshua provided haircuts to those who wanted them.

The two are students at The Mater Academy Charter High School in Miami, and Joshua said he has been cutting hair for around two years.

Rodriguez had an important message for everyone in his Instagram post:

"My intention with this post isn't to boast to you all of what I did or look for applause... I simply want to tell everyone seeing this that there will always be another person in the world in need of the blessing only YOU can provide."
" We need to step up and be the change we want to see."

Twitter users were vocal in their support for Joshua and Bruno's efforts.

Some wanted to support Joshua in a more concrete way:

This message of gratitude from a haircut recipient perfectly sums up the effects of the pair's efforts.

For anyone who wants to help Joshua and Bruno with their mission, the pair have started a non-profit called Blessed2BlessOthers.

There is currently also a GoFundMe (started by Diaz) campaign to raise funds to provide for Miami's less fortunate residents.