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Viral Photo Of Ted Cruz Wearing Pants That Are Way Too Tight Has The Internet Recoiling In Horror

The Republican Senator was recently photographed giving some major 'moose knuckle' in a pair of awkwardly tight pants—and now we can't unsee it.

Ted Cruz
Anna Moneymaker/Getty Images

Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz was widely mocked after he was photographed giving some major "moose knuckle"—the male equivalent to a female camel toe—while wearing a pair of awkwardly tight pants.

A photograph shared on Twitter by the account PatriotTakes captured Cruz's peculiar fashion choice during a visit to Mar-a-Lago for a fundraiser on behalf of former President Donald Trump.

The account observed:

"Don’t zoom in. Ted Cruz’s pants are way too tight."

You can see the post below.

Viral photo of Ted Cruz's "moose knuckle" while posing with two women at fundraiser@PatriotTakes/X

Viewers were quick to notice Cruz's tight-fitting jacket, with a single button appearing strained, and his pants, which left little to the imagination.

As if the fashion critique weren't enough, one of Cruz's own social media posts brought more mockery his way.

Sharing a photo with Trump at the event, Cruz expressed his admiration for the former President's resilience amid legal challenges:

"Despite the unprecedented legal persecution [and] abuse of power from angry Dems, Trump remains strong, undeterred [and] ready to WIN in November."

You can see his post below.

His critics pounced on that too.

Cruz lost the Republican nomination to then-candidate Trump in 2016, after which he faced significant criticism for his often deferential attitude toward Trump during his presidency.

There is a contentious history between the two. Aside from the moment when Trump baselessly linked Cruz's father to President Kennedy's assination, Trump also openly mocked Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz, by comparing her looks to those of his wife Melania, a former model.

Cruz has ridden Trump's coattails ever since, once claiming that he loves the idea of being played played "by Apollo Creed," in reference to actor Carl Weathers, now recently deceased, who played the character in Rocky and its sequels.

At the time, the shameless Senator was mocked for trying to piggyback off a joking tweet about casting for Trump: The Movie, signaling that he's been willing to leave Trump's misogynistic attacks against his wife in the past.