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'Princess Bride' Superfan Ted Cruz Is Feuding With Cary Elwes—And Things Escalated Quickly

'Princess Bride' Superfan Ted Cruz Is Feuding With Cary Elwes—And Things Escalated Quickly
Amanda Edwards/Getty Images ; Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

Republican Senator Ted Cruz and actor Cary Elwes are in the middle of some Princess Bride themed Twitter beef and fans are watching the whole thing go down.

Senator Cruz is a self-professed superfan of Princess Bride, often quoting lines from the movie which he believes is "perfect." At least Cruz used to believe the film was perfect.

He's had some issues with the cast lately that may have changed things.

Cruz expressed complete dismay when the cast reunited in support of Democratic candidates. He wasn't thrilled when Cary Elwes diplomatically called himself a "non-fan" of Cruz.

The initial, now famous, "non-fan" jab is nothing compared to this most recent volley.

Things started when Cruz went on his podcast and declared that the real "villains" in movies like Avengers: Endgame and The Watchmen are environmentalists and that the left views people as a disease. Cruz then called Rorschach one of his favorite superheroes.

The character Rorscach is an anti-hero who is described as "a violent and ruthless vigilante driven by moral absolutism."

It didn't go over well.

One of the Watchmen writers tweeted at Cruz to inform him he got his analysis way wrong. Twitter users, media professionals and fans all spoke up to point out just how off base Cruz was.

Cary Elwes, evidently exhausted with Cruz's inability to critically watch and comprehend media, tweeted about it.

That tweet prompted this response from Cruz

Eagle-eyed users might note that something seems "off" about that image, but if you couldn't figure out what it was then please allow Cary Elwes himself to solve the mystery for you.

The picture Cruz posted appears to be a framed picture of a toy, not the actual actor.

And the message and signature do not match.

Twitter showed up like...




We don't know if Cruz knew he had a fake signature on a picture of a fake likeness of Elwes before he tried to Twitter flex...


...but he and the rest of the internet certainly know now.

Oh, Ted...