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Gay Teacher Attending Adele Concert Gets The Night Of His Life After Adele Borrows His Pride Flag

Gay Teacher Attending Adele Concert Gets The Night Of His Life After Adele Borrows His Pride Flag

A teacher from Essex, England was elated when his idol Adele borrowed his Pride flag to drape around her body as part of a recent performance in London and serenaded him and his friends in front of an audience of 65,000.

The day began when Dean William, an Adele superfan, went to a bottomless brunch with a couple of his friends and snagged tickets to the British Summer Time festival in London’s Hyde Park where the "Easy On Me" singer was to perform.

The event coincided with the 50th anniversary of London Pride.

At the venue, William and his friend Jack were approached by an Adele team member who informed William that the LGBTQ+ ally noticed he was wearing the Pride flag and was wanting to borrow it for her performance.

It was a no-brainer.

"OF COURSE I SAID YES!" wrote William in a Twitter thread chronicling his best night ever.

He shared a video of him being led by the contact person to a very exclusive area of the concert.

"Then we were whisked away into the Diamond VIP section and given a LOT of drinks tokens."
"This is the woman who approached us and took such good care of us."

After Adele sang her notable hits like, "Hello" and "I Drink Wine," the singer paused the show and asked the audience, “Is there a Jack and Dean somewhere?”

William said Adele, "in front of 65,000 people, asks where Jack and Dean are and calls us over to the barrier!"

He said he was unable to get footage since they were wrapped up in the moment.

But "Rumour Has It" he lost his mind.

William's friend Jack–who lives in Colchester with his wife and two children–said:

“There was no one between us and Adele, other than a couple of guards. She was leaning towards us, smiling. It was crazy.”

When Adele sang "When We Were Young" wearing the Pride flag William had previously purchased for "eight quid" ($9.54), William was overcome with emotion.

In a dialogue with Adele leading up to that moment, William described it as "the most awkward drunk conversation of my life."

She asked William:

“Do you remember earlier on when you were coming in someone came and said ‘Can we have your flag in return for some drink tokens?’”

William, who has been escorted to the front of the stage, shouted back “8 quid from Holbein station!”

To which Adele asked, “8 quid? And how much in drink tokens?”

“A lot!” shouted William, adding, “About 20 of ’em!”

The amused singer replied, "Oh, really? Are you drunk?”

William exuberantly confirmed, “Yes!”

The singer continued:

“Well I wanted that flag for later for what I’m doing, and they said you burst into tears because you got moved to the front, so I thought I’d give you front row seats.”

That was when Adele pulled out the Pride flag and draped it around herself before singing her rendition of “When We Were Young."

“To have someone with that level with that platform, 65,000 in front of her, stand as an ally and make you feel safe is phenomenal," said William.

Towards the conclusion, Adele shared a special moment with William and his friend before returning the LGBTQ+ banner to its previous owner.

“To end the most magical, perfect, mind-blowing pride @adele sung Love Is A Game, looked at us directly in the eyes and blew us a kiss," recalled William.

"THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU ADELE!!!! I’ll never ever forget this night and this pride!!!!"

Social media users expressed their enthusiasm for William.

“I think I’m just going to take Pride flags everywhere with me," added William.