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Woman Shows Up In Wedding Dress During Fiancé's Shift At Target To Demand He Marry Her Or She's 'Leaving'

Woman Shows Up In Wedding Dress During Fiancé's Shift At Target To Demand He Marry Her Or She's 'Leaving'

Being in a relationship where the two of you aren't on the same page—it's one of life's greatest dilemmas. And a woman recently went viral for handling it in a way many of us have probably thought about but would never actually dare to do.

She put on her wedding dress, hired a minister, and marched up the aisle—specifically, the Halloween aisle—of the Target where her fiancé works and demanded he marry her right there, right then.

And the video of the incident captured by a bystanding TikToker has broken the internet.

@boymom_ashley The best part of my week🤣 part 2 watched this woman hunt her man down that works at target !! ##target##bridzilla##lasvegas##fyp##fypシ
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As her fiancé casually stocked Halloween costumes on a rack beside her, the would-be bride issued him an ultimatum.

"You put this ring on my finger two years ago, it's time to do it or get out. We're getting married right now or I'm leaving, I'm out. I'm done if you don't marry me this second."

She then gestured to the friend and minister—in a clerical collar and the whole nine—she brought along with her, explaining that she was ready to go.

She then turned and realized she was being filmed, and waved to @boymom_ashley, the TikToker who caught the whole incident.

"Hi guys, I'm just finally making him commit, you know. Like we're getting married now, or, like, it's over."

Her fiancé then asked if they could please discuss this outside—you know, like normal adults instead of in the middle of his workplace?

She agreed, and sauntered down the aisle like this was the most exciting moment of her life.

Her fiancé, though, looked... well, about how you'd expect him to look after being ambushed in the middle of his work day by his fiancé in her wedding dress. (Which is, because this whole thing isn't chaotic enough, not fully fastened in the back. But of course, that's the least of our concerns here!)

Looking like a deer in headlights, the guy said to the onlookers:

"Could someone have told me about it?"

On Twitter, every detail of the stunt left people with their mouths hanging open.

As of this writing, there is no word on whether or not they ended up tying the knot out in the Target parking lot, but either way this is one wedding nobody will ever forget.