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Old Clip Of Neil DeGrasse Tyson Explaining What'd Happen If Earth Stopped Rotating For One Second Has People Shook
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The popularity of movies like Don't Look Up are proof of people's fascination with Earth's hypothetical doom.

The latest popular doomsday content is a resurfaced clip of Neil DeGrasse Tyson explaining what would happen if the Earth stopped spinning.

TikTok user @incomelane posted a clip of the astrophysicist discussing the topic with late radio and television host Larry King.


What would happens if the earth stopped rotating for a second ?🤔

King relayed the question about the Earth stopping from a Twitter user to Tyson, who explained that the result would be catastrophic.

"That would be disastrous - disastrous."
"Because right now, here in New York, you can calculate at our latitude, we are all moving with the Earth at 800 miles an hour due east because Earth is rotating."
"If you stopped Earth and you weren't seat belt buckled to the Earth, you would fall over and roll 800 miles an hour due East."
"It would kill everyone on Earth. People would be flying out of windows, and that would just be a bad day on Earth."

Being suddenly thrown from where you stand at impossible speeds sounds incredibly terrifying and painful on top of being deadly.

TikTok users reacted to the horrifying scenario.

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Because of humanity's instinctive will to survive, some offered solutions to avoid being destroyed by the hypothetical pause in rotation.

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Worry not, though.

According to Space, the only thing that might stop the Earth from spinning is if another planet crashed into it.