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T-Shirt Mocking Fleeing Afghans Plunging To Their Deaths From Military Plane Sparks Outrage
AuroraIntel / Twitter

Online t-shirt stores are being blasted for carrying an item mocking the people who died after falling from a plane in an attempt to flee the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Clips of Afghan civilians trying to cling to the tire of a departing plane have become an enduring visual during this crisis.

The distressing footage is shared everywhere online.

On social media, a shirt mocking the situation was highly criticized. The shirt was available on online retailers Etsy, Tee4Sport, and TShirtAtLowPrice.

The shirt has the words "Kabul Skydiving Club" and "Est. 2021" on it, along with a picture of people falling from a plane.

Online users were horrified at the image being sold on a t-shirt.

A number of commenters called on the websites to remove the offensive item.

As of writing Etsy and Tee4Sport have removed the shirt, but it is still available in some other stores.

The incident was compared unfavorably to another incident where Amazon was selling a children's t-shirt that showed the murder of George Floyd.