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Subway Worker Caught Screaming N-Word At Couple On Camera Sees Consequences For Her Rant

Unsurprisingly, racist ranting might just get you fired.

Subway Worker Caught Screaming N-Word At Couple On Camera Sees Consequences For Her Rant
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Dear racists,

If you don't want your lives ruined by your racist rants being plastered all over the internet, here's a pro tip: STOP BEING RACIST.

Or at least stop being racist on camera.

A woman, identified as April Epperson, is feeling some serious backlash right now after her racist tirade was caught on camera. And now, Epperson says she can't handle being called a racist on national TV.

Here's the story as far as we know it.

A Black employee was on her first day at a Subway in Birmingham, Alabama, but had not yet started working. April Epperson, the manager, fired the employee before the girl had a chance to work a shift.

The employee's brother had come to visit her and offer some encouragement before work, but the manager was not having it. According to Epperson, the employee was having a training day and didn't need the "distraction."

Brother and sister stepped outside to chat, but April called them back inside the store to fire the girl, then yelled at them and said the reason she was being fired was because they were inside the store.

The brother pointed out that they were, in fact, OUTSIDE the store and it was the manager who called them to come in. According to him, his sister should not be fired for doing what her manager asked.

But April Epperson disagreed. The Subway manager let loose a storm of profanities and n-words in response.

The brother recorded the tirade, as well as the times Epperson physically attacks him. The fired employee makes a comment about Epperson smoking "dope" during the work day and how she can prove it. Epperson ignores her and continues screaming at the brother.

An unidentified white man shows up to shove the brother and sister out of the store. More profanities and a few well-placed middle fingers get flung their way.

The brother reminded the duo several times that they were being recorded. They clearly didn't mind.

Check out the video, but be warned, it's not suitable for sensitive ears or watching at work.

The recording went viral and Subway fired Epperson. Not only that, they shut down the entire store for retraining.

Epperson then went on the local news to complain that she was the victim. And to tell the world how much she hates the n-word.

But she doesn't hate it because it's racist, hateful, hurtful, repugnant, reflective of a disgusting mindset and loaded with centuries of horrific sentiment.

She hates it because it got her fired.

According to Epperson, her use of the word had nothing to do with the people she shouted it at. Epperson claimed she would call a white person the n-word as well.


Here are some of her quotes from the interview:

"I said the wrong word. I'm sorry for it. I am taking my punishment and I'm walking away from it. I get that I screwed up."
"I'm a big girl. I can handle it. But I can't handle being called racist on national television over a slip up."
"The only thing that came out of my mouth was, 'N*****,' and I'm sorry. It could have been a Mexican standing there. It popped out of my mouth that's what that Mexican would have got called. That white person would have got called that too."

April then claimed she's not racist because she has black family members.

She also claimed the brother punched her. The video shows her hitting him at least twice, but nowhere does it show him hitting her.

Twitter had thoughts on the matter.

Subway did the right thing by firing her and retraining staff, but what do you think of Epperson's apology and her interview statements?

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