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Trump's Press Secretary Tweeted 'Let's Be Honest'—And The Response From Critics Was Swift

Trump's Press Secretary Tweeted 'Let's Be Honest'—And The Response From Critics Was Swift

If you aren't as familiar with Stephanie Grisham as you were with Sean Spicer or even Sarah Huckabee Sanders, that's probably because President Donald Trump's newest Press Secretary doesn't spend much time doing press briefings or answering the press's questions...

You know, a regular Press Secretary's job.

Yet the silly press still has questions for the Trump administration!

How strange!

So they'll often shout them out whenever they get the chance, which can create some awkward moments for whoever happens to be with the President at the time.

Apparently, Grisham has a problem with this and would rather the press never ask any questions at all. In a frustrated tweet, Grisham began by saying "Let's be honest."

Of course, no one in the Trump administration should ever use the phrase "let's be honest" on social media.

In a heartbeat, Twitter gave Grisham a thousand examples of things to be honest about.

Many Americans would LOVE if Grisham was honest.

According to The Washington Post, Donald Trump has made nearly 13,500 false or misleading claims since taking office.

Putting aside Grisham's poor choice of words, many people also pointed out her attempt to bash the press for asking questions was a little hollow.

Nobody on Twitter will be forgetting Grisham's desire to be honest anytime soon.

In her mind, perhaps Grisham actually thinks she's the honest one?

Sometimes, you just have to laugh at such hypocrisy.

If Grisham got a new job, maybe she could try being honest there!

Alright, Stephanie, we're ready to be honest.

Why don't you start us off?