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'Star Trek' Actor Offers Classy Mic Drop Response After 'Fan' Called Him A Homophobic Slur

'Star Trek' Actor Offers Classy Mic Drop Response After 'Fan' Called Him A Homophobic Slur
Jim Spellman/Getty Images

Actor Wilson Cruz recently shared a homophobic incident he experienced at a convention for "Star Trek Day."

The out gay actor plays Doctor Hugh Culber on Star Trek: Discovery, who is married to Lieutenant Paul Stamets. The characters are the first gay couple on a Star Trek television show.

At an event for Star Trek Day, celebrating the 55th anniversary of the franchise, Cruz was onstage when a photo was snapped of him smiling at the crowd.

He shared this image on Twitter and asked if this was the moment when he heard a fan yell out a homophobic slur.

The event had free admission, with about 200 people in attendance to the outdoor event. Comments from attendees corroborated the incident.

Many fans voiced support for Cruz.

A few fans were more defensive of Cruz, and told whoever yelled the slur they "just want to talk."

However, after some fans blamed the event organizers for not doing more, Cruz responded to the situation again. This time, he explained he couldn't pick the person out of the crowd himself, let alone expect the event organizers to do anything about it.

He also didn't want this to overshadow Star Trek Day and the celebration of the ideas and ideals of the series. It just meant some fans need to do better.

Being the class act he is, Cruz is the bigger man and wants to move on.

Cruz said he is done talking about it.

He told Forbes:

"This moment is not worthy of all of the attention it's getting. I regret saying anything at all, to be honest. I think the conversation and awareness that has been driven by this is enough."
"I just would rather not talk about it, anymore. It's taken away so much from what was a great event."

Star Trek: Discovery is set to premiere its fourth season later this year. The third season won an Emmy Award for its visual effects and was nominated for others.