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Now That All Sports Are Canceled, People Are Coming Up With Their Own Hilarious Competitions To Satisfy Their Competitive Spirits

COVID-19 has canceled pretty much all competitive sports around the world.

Not just major league professional sports either.

Kids league games, amateur games, even pub/bar games are all a thing of the not-too-distant past.

Humans have been participating in competitive sports since the dawns of our various civilizations and it's going to take more than a pandemic to make that stop. But how are we going to compete if we're all quarantined in our homes and not allowed to meet and compete?

For that, we turn to you glorious internet. You remind us that while we may not be able to physically connect, we are all connected through you. Your tendrils reach out, tangling us all in your world wide web.

Dear competitive spirits of the world, we present to you The Quarantine Games.

People (and animals) around the world are figuring out ways to connect and compete with one another while remaining in lockdown. Honestly, it's kind of beautiful. We consider it one of the silver linings around the dark coronavirus cloud.

In reality, most of us wouldn't ever have thought to do epic stuff like this otherwise.

If you're going to record your own Quarantine Games, we have a little bit of advice for you.

First of all it's important to remember that things can and probably will go wrong. It takes a little tweaking to get things right, but to mitigate potential disasters there's one key piece of advice to keep in mind.

People say not to work with kids, drunks or animals for a reason.

And dogs are terrible camerapups.

They don't have thumbs and aren't that great at staying out of the frame.

Good luck.

Have fun.

And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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