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Pregnant Model Walks In Rihanna's Fenty Runway Show Right Before Going Into Labor

Pregnant Model Walks In Rihanna's Fenty Runway Show Right Before Going Into Labor
(Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Savage X Fenty)

Model Slick Woods walked the runway for the Savage X Fenty Fall/Winter 2018 fashion show in Brooklyn on September 12, 2018.

Woods impressed onlookers with her black pasties, lingerie and patterned thigh-high stockings to match her ensemble.

But after stepping off the runway, the excitement continued backstage.

According to TMZ, the model went into labor and paramedics whisked her away to the hospital where she gave birth to a baby boy, named Saphir.

Woods announced her pregnancy two months ago in an Instagram post, captioning that she was "In good company."

Woods toldElle that she and the baby's father, model Adonis Bosso, were surprised over the news.

"My son's going to be gorgeoussss," she proudly declared, while sharing a photo with the magazine of a shirtless Bosso.

The model counted herself lucky to have a partner also eager to greet their child.

"I hear sob stories about baby daddy drama. Being 21 and my baby's father being excited is just step one."
"There are girls who don't even have that."

Bosso told Papermagazine Woods's pregnancy was "the most amazing news I've ever gotten."

The fashion show's exciting epilogue is fast becoming legendary.

The name Saphir is a play on words referring to the September birthstone, sapphire. And he is already becoming quite the celebrity.

Woods didn't discover she was expecting until five months into her pregnancy. She was previously misdiagnosed as infertile.

When she suffered from morning sickness, Woods thought it was the flu.

"I was really, really, really sick in London, but thought it was because of travel, so a doctor gave me pills for flu."
"Went to Paris: more pills for flu."
"And then I went to LA, and they tried a sonogram, and I saw my baby's face and heard his heartbeat."

Congratulations to the happy family and absolutely fierce mother.

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